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Mr. DiRosa obtained a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA), with a focus on managing federal agencies, from The George Washington University in 2002. While at GWU, Andy served as editor of Policy Perspectives, and was awarded the Leadership Award and was inducted into the Pi Alpha Alpha public administration honor society. Andy obtained a BA from Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA) in English and Political Science in 1987. While at ODU he was elected to two terms on the student senate.Presently, Andy is the assistant section chief of the Executive Intelligence Section in the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence at FBI Headquarters. In this capacity he helps oversee daily operation of 24-hour units that prepare the daily intelligence briefing materials for the FBI Director, US Attorney General, and other senior executives. Andy has also worked in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, as an intelligence analyst and supervisor, and in the FBI’s training division and office of public affairs, as managing editor of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, a widely read criminal justice journal. He authored book reviews and journal articles, including features on street gangs and the impact of the Second World War on US law enforcement. While in the Counterterrorism Division Andy served in an international intelligence cell at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Mr. DiRosa has also represented the FBI at bilateral intelligence exchanges with Canada and the United Kingdom. (Views expressed are those of Mr. DiRosa and do not necessarily reflect the views of the FBI.)

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