Effects of Farm Bill Commodity Subsidies on U.S. Corn Production, Farm Income, and Market Price • Equitable Development Movement: A Progressive Response to the Urban Redevelopment Landscape Nationwide and in Washington, D.C.'s Shaw Community • Battling Deforestation in Brazil: Implementing a REDD Framework to Combat Global Climate Change • Why All States Should Adopt a State-Level Earned Income Tax Credit: A Policy Argument • Multi-Systemic Model of Juvenile Justice Reform: Adopting the Missouri Model in California • Banking the Unbanked: A Mechanism for Improving the Financial Security of Low-Income Individuals • The Wind Energy Production Tax Credit as an Alternative to a Carbon Tax • Heterarchy: An Interorganizational Approach to Securing the United States Against a Pandemic Threat

Published: 2013-05-14

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Special Section: Recognizing 20 Volumes of Policy Perspectives

Special Section: Recognizing 50 Years of Public Policy and Public Administration at GW

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