China’s Carbon Emissions Trading: Lessons from the Pilot Systems

  • Zhoudan Xie
Keywords: environmental policy, cap and trade


This paper examines China’s seven carbon emissions trading pilot systems, which launched beginning in 2013 to inform the design of China’s upcoming nationwide carbon emissions trading system. It analyzes the seven pilots’ policy features and performance through a comprehensive review of prior studies, existing regulations, and empirical data. Finally, it highlights several lessons learned from the pilot systems and their ramifications for the implementation of the national carbon emissions trading system.

Author Biography

Zhoudan Xie

ZHOUDAN XIE is a second-year Master of Public Policy candidate specializing in international environmental policy and quantitative policy analysis. She graduated from Keio University in Japan with a Master’s degree in environmental governance and completed her undergraduate study in Japanese and international trade in China. While attending the Trachtenberg School, Zhoudan has interned with the United Nations Environment Programme, Vital Voices Global Partnership, and International Fund for China’s Environment. She currently works as a graduate research assistant at the GW Regulatory Studies Center.