Remapping Performance: Common Ground, Uncommon Partners (Jan Cohen-Cruz)

  • Lisa A. Lowry

Author Biography

Lisa A. Lowry

LISA A. LOWRY is a PhD candidate in Public Policy and Public Administration at The George Washington University. She is currently working on her dissertation, which focuses on creative aging in senior centers. Her research interests include the intersection of creativity, the arts, urban planning, and public policy. When she in not working on her dissertation, you can find her playing on the static trapeze at TSNY DC or Upspring Studios. She continues to search for innovative ways to combine her artistic and academic interests.

The reviewer would like to thank the editorial team, with special thanks to Callie McLean for her insightful feedback. She would also like to thank Steve Robertson and David Lowry for their patient listening as she grappled with the concepts of this book.

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