Battling Deforestation in Brazil: Implementing a REDD Framework to Combat Global Climate Change

  • Helaina Matza
Keywords: deforestation, Brazil, forest degradation, climate change, environmental policy


Much international attention has focused on how deforestation has contributed to overall carbon dioxide output, thereby exacerbating global climate change. This paper will focus specifically on Brazil’s current efforts to combat deforestation and the suggested modifications to the design and future implementation of programs based on the United Nations’ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) framework in Brazil.

Author Biography

Helaina Matza
Helaina Matza is a second year Master of Public Administration student at the George Washington University, concentrating in global environmental management, program evaluation & policy analysis. She earned a BA in international affairs from The George Washington University in 2007. She currently works for World Learning, an international NGO focused on empowering young leaders and sustainable capacity development globally. Helaina plans on dedicating her career to enhancing sustainable development programs and developing solutions environmental issues.